Four Unique Solar Gadgets that are Practical and Eco-Friendly!

By January 13, 2022 in Tech

Do you know that you can get small solar panels and a inverter to carry around with you? But other than looking like a robot, you will probably have to carry a backpack with you if you ever need to charge something on the go. But why bother with complete solar panels and an inverter when so many gadgets come with their mini panels built-in?

You can charge your devices anywhere the sun shines these days. You can buy countless devices, from fans to portable phone chargers. But just like everything else, not all are as good at their job! Saving you from the countless specifics you need to know, here are some of the best solar-powered devices that you can but today:

X-Dragon’s 20W solar charger
Starting simple, this is just your everyday portable solar panel built to charge devices such as your phone, earbuds or any other machine that charges off of USB. It is more affordable than other devices that offer the same power and is efficient in its charging!

Hiluckey Solar Charger
While the last one on the list was a plain solar charger that would only charge your phone when in sunlight, this one has a battery! It has a capacity of 25000 mAh. While it might not charge as fast as the X-Dragon, the option to store the charge makes it a perfect companion.

Hiluckey S025

Ring Solar Panel
If you are the type of person who ensures that their home’s security is top-notch, then you probably have battery-powered security cameras. The problem with these cameras is that you need to charge them once a few months. But the Ring Solar Panel is here to save you from that too! This solar panel is compatible with most third-party cameras and can provide uninterrupted power in the day.

Solar Panel - Black

ABFOCE Solar Bluetooth Speaker
If you love music, you will love this speaker too! Most solar-powered devices have a terrible reputation for slow charging, but not this one! You can get a full 30 minutes of backup by charging it for ten minutes. It is entirely waterproof, and you can even use this as a power bank!

ABFOCE Solar Bluetooth Speaker Portable...

While it is reassuring to know that you have a backup if your devices start to run low on battery, you should know that they should only be treated as a backup. Tell us in the comments below which device do you see yourself buying!