11 May, 2021
Eduardo Orozco
11 May, 2021
good choices available
Denise Jago
11 May, 2021
Sharon J Oatman
11 May, 2021
I like eBay because I can use PayPal for checking out. Also, I can often find a better deal, or better selection, on eBay than on competitor sites. The return process with eBay couldn't be easier either. I've been a happy eBay customer for a long time. Thank you!
Frederick D.
11 May, 2021
I don't like the the large fees that eBay takes when you sell your item.
Jess Bautista
08 May, 2021
Sometimes I will find a 7' x 8' shed, but it's hard to find one bigger. maybe show other similar products with different configurations? Hard to see what has good reviews.
Brent Christopher Rish
07 May, 2021
Ordered items didn't work didn't fit no money back. Haven't been back.
Collin Wright
07 May, 2021
easy, quality products, good price
07 May, 2021
I spent a good hour trying to pay and checkout. Over and over would NOT take my valid credit card, dumped out of Paypal 3 times when I had plenty of cash available. What a huge steaming pile of horseshit!!!
John Wolcott
06 May, 2021
Didn’t have the size I need in all 48 pairs of shoes I’m 10 listings.
02 May, 2021
Interesting items and views
Becky cermak
02 May, 2021
Ive been with ebay sence ealy 2000's never had a problem, if there was one i dont remember and sure, it was taken care of promply.
Renee Cobbs
29 Apr, 2021
eBay rips off itsm sellers and buyers. I lost $40,000 thanks to its dishonest policies/ FUCK EBAY!
Michael Crosson
29 Apr, 2021
I have come to enjoy using eBay much more than I did before. Some of the sellers can be a little shady at times.
Bruce Douglas
29 Apr, 2021

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